Sunday, July 18, 2010

Posting cards, posting images

The team of this weblogue will present tomorrow, July 19th, a special panel of interventions at the IAMCR Conference, that starts today.

«Portraits of culture: picture postcards' role within a market of intangible assets»
Madalena Oliveira and Marlene Pereira

«The creative role of cliché in postcard's photography: critical reading of landscapes»
Helena Pires and Miguel Bandeira

«Postal art in the time of electronic media»
Albertino Gonçalves and Maria da Luz Correia

«Postcards in the history of visual arts of the 20th century»
Moisés Martins and José Bragança de Miranda

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wheelhouse said...

Foram publicadas actas destas comunicações? Obrigada!